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Impartiality in the selective processes and the search for the humanization of the tasks makes Human Resources one of the most important departments of the Company.

Selective criteria guided by specialists guarantee to Medquímica the choice of competent professionals who are conscientious of the responsibility they have when they become part of a medicine industry.

Moreover, the sector looks for valuing employees through actions that seek to make the organizational environment favorable, making possible the development of the commitment of the joint action of the collaborators. Such commitment, basic for the accomplishment of a quality production.




Meals subsidized in the company;

Collective transportation for all the employees of the three shifts,  departing from North and South regions;

Right to medical assistance through an occupational-health physician and  a medical service attendant present at the company during all the day;

Health Plan;

Dental Plan;

Employees and their dependents receive gratuitously  medicines produced by Medquímica;

Covenant with pharmacies in the city;

Recreational Club with swimming pools, multi-purpose sports court, areas for  leisure and barbequing;

Labor gymnastics program;


Meal Voucher;


Gratuitous parking – we offer our own parking, where the employees can leave their vehicles during work expedient, without spending nothing therefore;

School books and supplies for student children – Benefit of the collective convention.

Life Insurance;

Covenants with universities and schools

Work with us