Did you know that MedQuímica Pharmacovigilance continuously evaluates adverse events of its products?

Attending the requirements of Good Pharmacovigilance Practices, we request your collaboration by sharing cases of adverse events and technical complaints, which you have become aware of, during or after the use of our products.

What are adverse events?

Any undesirable effects arising from the use of a drug without necessarily any causal relationship.

What are technical complaints?

Any deviations in the quality of medicines that may cause damage to health.

What should be reported?

Suspected adverse drug reactions: any undesirable response and suspected causal relationship from the use of a drug
Therapeutic ineffectiveness, total or partial: when the drug does not produce the expected result under the conditions of use of the package insert
Drug interactions: pharmacological, toxicological, clinical or laboratorial response caused by the combination of the drug with other chemical substances, foods, medicines or diseases
Drug overdose: over the maximum daily dose recommended in the package insert
Medication abuse: excessive and intentional use without prescription
Medication errors: any avoidable error of inappropriate use of the medication
Off-label use of medication: when prescribed outside the indications approved in a package insert registered with ANVISA
Exposure to medication during pregnancy/lactation: use of medication during pregnancy and lactation
Adverse events due to quality deviation
And other situations that may become subject to Pharmacovigilance.

If you become aware of these situations with our products, please report below or through our SAC (0800 032 4087 / [email protected] / [email protected] ) the following minimum related information:

Identification of the notifier (name, phone number and email address)
Identification of the user of the drug (name, gender, age and date of birth)
Description of the adverse event or technical complaint
Name of MedQuímica’s product and respective lot

If you are a health professional, inform your class and professional council.

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    Your report can contribute to the safer use of our medicines!

    The information is treated confidentially according to MedQuímica/Lupin Privacy Policy.

    In case you present any adverse event that requires medical attention, look for a health unit. According to the current regulations, our channels cannot promote medical advice.


    ANVISA RDC 406 of 2020.