MEDQUÍMICA strives to continuously create value and balance the economic, social, and environmental spheres.

With an environmental strategy, we ensure compliance of our activities with current environmental laws, control and reduce negative impacts, and expand the positive ones with continuous improvement, seeking to ensure that our results are increasingly better, more efficient, and effective.

ECO-EFFICIENCY – MEDQUÍMICA works with excellence in the efficiency of the Treatment of Industrial and Sanitary Effluents. Our ETE brings together a combination of physical, chemical and biological processes, returning the treated effluent to the environment, thus promoting the preservation of natural resources.

WATER – Treatment and potability of wastewater, ensuring integrity and safety in all processes.

AR – Low emission of contaminants in production, reduction of waste incineration.

ENERGY – Prioritizes the purchase of electrical energy from 100% renewable sources.

LAND—We guarantee the appropriate final disposal of all waste generated and seek sustainable strategies to reduce, reuse, and recycle it within the compliance standards available on the market.

With responsibility, ethics and transparency, MEDQUÍMICA shows, every day, its commitment to sustainability.


In 2015, 193 member countries of the United Nations adopted a new global policy: the 2030 Agenda, which stipulates 17 targets for the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG); among these commitments, 7 are related to Solid Waste Management.

With the adoption of the Solid Waste Management Plan as one of the principles of sustainable development in its strategy, MEDQUÍMICA recycles approximately 50% of the total waste generated, allowing better use of raw materials and the reduction of environmental aggressions. Translate to English




Blister packs are packaging used to package a wide range of our products, such as solid medicines.

The Blister is a packaging made of plastic and aluminum that helps protect and increase the shelf life of the medicine.

Through recycling processes, 100% of the Blisters discarded in our processes are reused and transformed into a noble product. This offers the construction sector a unique product with high added value and contributes to a circular economy.


• Electronic Waste Collection Project

We offer the incentive of a practical and advantageous solution in disposing of electronic waste with an internal quarterly collection campaign.

• Cooking Oil Collection Campaign

There is a collection point for used cooking oil at the local restaurant and in employees’ houses, providing social work for residents of the Linhares-Juiz de Fora neighborhood.