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Medquímica Indústria Farmacêutica, a pharmaceutical company spanning more than 40 years, was sold to Lupin Group in 2015, another global company in the pharmaceutical industry.
In Brazil, Medquímica develops a comprehensive line of solid and liquid drugs divided into five lines: OTC (Over-the-Counter Drugs), Similar drugs, Hospital, Generics and Dietary supplement.

With offices throughout the country, the company broadens its presence in the Brazilian pharmaceutical market every day. Being awarded with the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) from Anvisa, the company means to fully and strictly complies with GMP guidelines.

All Medquímica products, have passed the equivalence and bioequivalence tests, which confirms the quality and reliability of our drugs, which are thoroughly monitored for Quality Assurance and Control department.

Medquímica has never looked back and it is one of the most prominent pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, which believes in the potential of its people and works without measuring efforts to produce drugs that are second to none in terms of quality, reliability and safety throughout the country.

About Lupin Group

Lupin Group is a worldwide pharmaceutical company specializing in active ingredients, generic medicines and alike, as well as specialties and biotechnology products.

The company is headquartered in India with more than 10 plants spread around the world in countries like United States, Mexico, Germany and Australia. Lupin was founded over 30 years ago with the goal of producing high quality drugs for major diseases. Over the past few decades, the Group has been consolidated as the largest producer of drugs for TB and cephalosporins (antibiotics).

Today, Lupin is the third largest drug seller in India, the fifth largest generic drugs company in the United States in requirements (IMS 10 2014 – most important pharmaceutical market in the world), the eighth largest generic drugs company in the world (in terms of market value- Bloomberg – March 2015) and the tenth largest in sales (IMS March 2015).

Lupin invests most of its profits in R&D. We have more than 1500 scientists in R&D centers in India, United States and other countries focused on the discovery of new drugs and biotechnology.

Lupin Group main goal is increasing its global presence in key territories such as Brazil, building a solid foundation for the next step: to stand out even more as a pioneering company in the generic drug segment and improve in many areas of expertise such as respiratory, dermatological and biosimilar.

Find out more www.lupin.com